You Fake...You Lie...You're Making Me Hate You

Josh Chandler
5 October 1983
Interests: (54)
a perfect circle, apartment26, atlantic records, baboon music marketing, blindside, capitol records, chronic future, concerts, confidence, darwin's waiting room, deftones, dry kill logic, family guy, female reproductive organs, fingereleven, foosball, funeral for a friend, glassjaw, hackers, head automatica, hollywood @ night, immortal records, island records, letter kills, music, nine inch nails, nonpoint, nothingface, ocean's eleven, oreon, orgy, promotions, rain, reno 911, rocket science, sony records, soulfly, space travel, story of the year, streetwise, strickland's frozen custard, sugarcult, sw1tched (rip), the bronx, the crow, the killers, the used, thelostprophets, thrice, thursday, tool, tvt records, twelve tribes, your mom
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